About wins10

Software Application Developer with more 15 years experience programming. Recently went back to school to further skill sets; including; Animation using Flash 2D, Maya 3D, Adobe After effect and Film and Video production.

The Game Experience:

Three HD Quality Interactive Games for District Trivia in Bethesda Md

Game Play; 10 people per game will try their hand at District Feud, District Pyramid and District Link in a furious frenzy of questions, categories and surveys to finally prove that you can out perform the yokels you have always scoffed at while sitting comfortably on your couch.

District Feud:
Click here to see Game Night video

100 DC residents surveyed, top 5 answers are on the board.  The challenge isn’t what’s the best answer, it’s what THEY answered.  Form your team, approach the host and come up with a good answer to score a spot in the nightly finals!

District Pyramid:
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Five teams of two pick their poison and attempt to correctly identify 7 words or phrases that are associated with their category.  Be faster and more accurate than the competition and you can earn your spot in the finals.

District Link:
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The fastest game of the night.  District Link will test the trivial knowledge of you and 9 other competitors.  After each round you will vote on which member of the competition is eliminated.  Do you make yourself valuable to the team?  or hide in the shadows hoping to go unnoticed?

At the end of the night the 6 winners will compete in the District Link finals. Eliminating each other until there is only one champion.

Do you have what it takes?  Will you put yourself out there?  Can you handle the humiliation in front of a large crowd?  Can you finally get off your couch and get into the game?

After watching for years, it’s time to play!


On Tap Magazine Review

So what’s better than Trivia Night at the bar? How about Live Game Show Trivia Night at the bar! On Tap sat down with District Trivia’s Nick Groves and Jared Stern to learn about what’s in store for the future of bar gaming. Launching at Tommy Joes on Mondays starting July 30 and Acre 121 on Monday August 6, Nick and Jared are unleashing a whole new concept that will turn your run-of-the-mill trivia night into something fresh, interactive and exciting. Using themes from three popular game shows, Weakest Link, $25,000 Pyramid and Family Feudthese trivia studs are introducing Game Show Trivia Night. You wanted more DC – well, now you’ve got it!

On Tap: Tell me about live “Game Show Trivia Night”.
Nick Groves: First let me say, this idea has been percolating since September 2010. Our goal was to come up with something that would be as big of a draw as trivia, but even more interactive. We wanted to use a different format and because everybody loves game shows we decided to create a live game scenario. We decided on Weakest Link, $25,000 Pyramid and Family Feud because they all allow a large number of players at any given time. So we got together with our software developer R. Winston Shideler of WinstonGames.com, and designed a format that would allow one host (per bar) to run the show. The graphics are great and the functionality works plus [it] gives bars and customers another option!…